Saturday, October 28, 2006

Biharis prove "The World Is Flat"

Who says Biharis are not tech-savvy? During this festive season, a few Bihari professionals from around the world demonstrated the power of collaboration and technology to ‘virtually plan’ and ‘physically implement’ an event.

A group of enthusiastic Biharis who converged to their native place from around the world during festivals of Diwali and Chatt, organized a career seminar for the students of Bihar. Read the details here: One Bihar Shines

The best part of this event was that it was planned "virtually" using the power of internet, chat, e-mail, VOIP, e-groups, etc. by people who were scattered in all corners of the world from Australia to US to India. And the plan was given a physical shape in just 2 days when they landed in Bihar. Not an easy task considering the scale of event, use of modern audio-visual equipments, and strength of audience (over 150, which included some leading academicians of Bihar). And an even more interesting part is that most of the team members of this team met for the first time face to face just 2 days prior to the event. Till 2 days before the event, they knew each other as just virtual inhabitants!

Indeed the world is flat and technology a great leveller.


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