Monday, October 30, 2006

Empowering the citizens at panchayat level through e governance - Bihar Government Setting An Example For All Other States

The Bihar Government is showing the path towards empowerment of citizens and ushering an era of transparency in governance by doing the hitherto unthinkable. The plan is to bring all the panchayats under the aegis of e-governance by creating a State Wide Network.

No doubt e-governance has been in news due to the endeavours of the state governments of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka etc., but the audacity displayed by the thinktanks of Bihar Government in conceptualising the expansion of e-governance scheme up to the level of Panchayats is simply unprecedented. Well, networking District Level Offices and digitising the land record data is much simpler than networking all the Panchayat level offices.

The current Bihar Government led by Shri Nitish Kumar seems to have imbibed the concept of Chanakyaneeti and is showing the world what the famed bihari-buddhi can achieve.


Blogger Ajit Chouhan said...

Excellent stuff,nice to to see some more blogs on bihar coming up.Kudos and keep it up.

1:17 AM  
Blogger MUKHIYA JEE said...

Good Man

1:41 AM  
Blogger chandan said...

Exactly..Bihari buddi was always at least the Govt. it trying to use it, rather than in-sourcing it from out-sourced failures. It makes a big difference if the guy at the top is educated, progressive, willing to take responsibility and above all..willing to listen to its own ppl.
Its just a tiny start..but look at the difference it has already made to the psyche of the Bihari Junta.

Nice work brother. Looking forward for more from ur pen/keypad :)

2:22 AM  

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