Monday, October 30, 2006

Utilizing the natural skills and reach of Beggars in a socially positive manner

Shri Vijay Prakash, Bihar State Welfare Department Secretary seems to have put on his thinking cap in earnest. Well the result of his lateral thinking, atleast on paper, as of now, looks fantastic.

You know, it is basically the famed Bihari-Buddhi at work. This is the same Bihari-Buddhi which had made Magadh the strongest state in its time.

Now coming to the point, please be informed that Shri Vijay Prakash has floated a rehabiliation scheme for beggars (intended to rehabiliate 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh beggars). The scheme has been christened "Pahchaan" and the big idea is to use the beggars' traditional begging related skills like singing, dancing etc. to improve the state's capacity to spread awareness and fight off serious diseases like AIDS, Polio etc.

Ask any management wizard about his /her views and possibly he / she may utter the magic words "win-win" situation.


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