The Wise Bihari - Kautilya Uvach

Monday, November 13, 2006

Cure of Polio and Bihari connection

When entire nation is discussing resurgence of Polio, the dreaded disease, there is one Bihari who has developed a proven herbal cure to treat polio. Read the full report here.

That's called Bihari Buddhi - if there is a problem, there is a solution!

The man is looking for support to help him treat Polio with his medicine. All he wants is approval to use that medicine to treat Polio. All this when this medicine was tested earlier by many reputed organizations and all of them had found it to be effective in curing Polio.

Hope government and other health organizations wake up soon to acknowledge and use this miracle cure in tackling Polio.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

When nothing works, Bihari Buddhi comes to the rescue

Tax defaulters, beware! If the Bihari-Buddhi of tax collection from defaulters is applied across the nation, Indian government's coffers would become kuber ka khazana. Apart from getting what is genuinely due, application of this highly intelligent and effective recovery tool will also ensure that defaulters think 100 times before defaulting on tax in future.

Don't believe it yet? Ok read it here and have a blast or shudder in fear depending on which side of the fence you are!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bihari lesson in primary education

Policy makers talk, economic planners talk, ministers talk, and almost every educated person talks about the sad state of primary education in India. Crores are spent on this to improve the situation. Yet the sorry state prevails. Not because resources are not there, but because innovative minds don't work on this.

One Bihari school teacher hasshown to the world that more than money, what is needed to improve the basic education scene is dedication and some zeal to make a difference. Read the full story here.

Indian governement would do well to use such innovative methods to ensure that primary education reaches to the most number of people.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A setback or a new opportunity for application of Bihari-Buddhi?

In a setback to infrastructure development plans of Bihar, the center has rejected the development proposal sent by state government. Some people in the know feel that the reason for rejection is presence of some anti-Bihar elements in UPA government. Read detailed report here.

Whatever may be the reasons behind the rejection, the apparent setback may perforce afford an opportunity for the application of famed Bihari-Buddhi. The Bihar Government led by the redoubtable Nitish Kumar will definitely find out ways and means to tame the recalcitrant elements in the central government. Especially when it seems more than apparent to be inimical to the interests of a resurgent Bihar only because the popular government in Bihar happens to be of a different political dispensation.

Who knows it may create an enduring template for center-state relationship especially when they are governed by different political outfits.