Saturday, November 04, 2006

A setback or a new opportunity for application of Bihari-Buddhi?

In a setback to infrastructure development plans of Bihar, the center has rejected the development proposal sent by state government. Some people in the know feel that the reason for rejection is presence of some anti-Bihar elements in UPA government. Read detailed report here.

Whatever may be the reasons behind the rejection, the apparent setback may perforce afford an opportunity for the application of famed Bihari-Buddhi. The Bihar Government led by the redoubtable Nitish Kumar will definitely find out ways and means to tame the recalcitrant elements in the central government. Especially when it seems more than apparent to be inimical to the interests of a resurgent Bihar only because the popular government in Bihar happens to be of a different political dispensation.

Who knows it may create an enduring template for center-state relationship especially when they are governed by different political outfits.


Blogger Better Tomorrow For India said...

Adversity brings out the best. May this be true. Let us hope that the "famed Bihari-Buddhi" does the trick.

12:19 AM  

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